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No More Eczema Organic Handmade Soap


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No More Eczema Organic Handmade Soap
No More Eczema Organic Handmade Soap
No More Eczema Organic Handmade Soap
No More Eczema Organic Handmade Soap
Sweet Harvest Farms
No More Eczema
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This was actually one of the first bars of soap S.H.F made! Her daughter knew she was researching on how to make soap and asked her to do something for her granddaughter who was just a baby at the time. Since she had 24!yrs medical experience she knew she may be able to formulate something to help calm her skin which was so covered with Eczema that she was scratching until she bled! 

Our No More Eczema bar worked and it remains one of our most popular products still.

Crushed Oatmeal within and sprinkled with Oatmeal on top. (Flaxseed Oil is highly recommended, by the American Medical Association and Herbalist as well, for the treatment of Eczema and Psoriasis) There is no color or scent in this soap.

Remember when treating Eczema to always "pat" dry after a shower/bath - never rub.

 Note: We do not claim that this soap will cure any skin ailments but many of our customers claim to see a marked improvement in their skin after a very short time.

Large 7 oz. Bar will last approximately 8-10 weeks in the shower!

Sweet Harvest Farms organic handmade soap is made with saponified Organic oils of Shea Butter, Coconut oil, Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Palm Oil (sustainable) along with Vitamin E and Rosemary Extract Flaxseed Oil, Flaxseeds, Oatmeal


We’ve been using the eczema soap since March 20th and already my eczema and my husband’s psoriasis is so much better (gone for the most part). It’s really saying something when my husband is encouraging me to spend money (because HE wants more soap)! We love it!
Thank you for making such a wonderful product!"
All the best,

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